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Finding local services when visiting a new city

October 30 2009No Commented

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I am currently arranging a trip to Bristol, somewhere I have never been before and have found a very useful site that cuts out the need to go through lots of different websites. Everything you need to book your break is on there on one site.

With City Visitor I have found you can search for either a specific hotel or any that there are in the area, then I can easily check availability and book my stay online.

Now I had booked my hotel I can look on map & directions to find out where it is located and where the nearest train station is, which is handy as I will be travelling there by train. I can get directions from the Station to my hotel.

I will now have to decide where to eat whilst I am there, I always like to book in advance to avoid disappointment. So I can search for restaurants in the area and  use a great tool whilst looking at multimap which shows where they are. I can do this by using the Hotel & Restaurant drop down box, select toptable restaurants. This then brings up list of restaurants in the area, each point shows a useful description of what type of cuisine they serve. You do have the option to book online via toptable, however if that is unavailable the restaurant contact details are provided including address & opening hours.

With my most important things sorted out (accommodation & food) I’ve  had a look around on multimap and looked on useful information and checked cash points this has brought up where all the cash points are in Bristol, very handy as you always spend time wandering around looking for a bank.

With only one full day there I also want to make sure I can see a lot in Bristol and have had a look under useful information and checked Wikipedia which has brought up all places of interest and a bit of information about them and just in case I have time I have searched my favorite shops so I know where they are.

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